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How do we do it?  As authorized by Health & Safety Code Section 75.102, TexHealth Central Texas will “provide health care benefits to the employees of small employers by purchasing or facilitating the purchase of health benefit plan coverage for those employees from a health benefit plan issuer,” either through the Exchange or commercial coverage.


Upon proof of premium payment by employer, TexHealth will initiate reimbursement (through the program) of one-third of the employee premium up to $120 per month.








Employer is a small group with 2 to 50 employees.



Premium Assistance Program Overview

TDI payment can take up to 90 days.  Example, a November premium will be reimbursed by January 30th.

Employer may enroll in TexHealth at any time during the year.



Business is located within TexHealth service area of Bastrop, Burnet Hays, Milam, Travis and Williamson counties within the state of Texas.

Employer provides Tex Health with its quarterly Wage & Tax statement filed with the State of Texas.



Employer meets eligibility requirements for the program.  



Employer is already enrolled, or selects and enrolls in any group plan option offered on or off the Exchange.



Employer signs contract with TexHealth and begins submitting monthly invoice and proof of payment for reimbursement.



Groups will be enrolled on a first- come, first-serve basis.



Notification will be sent to prior TexHealth members when limit is reached.



Click here for an example of how the premium assistance is applied.

If you are a small businesses in Bastrop, Burnet Hays, Milam, Travis and Williamson counties within the State of Texas, then you may be eligible to enroll in our AFFORDABLE Premium Program and we'll help you pay the premium on your small group commercial or SHOP plan.


Required Documentation

Downloads (complete & submit online) 

Application & Enrollment Form

Wage & Tax Statement

Monthly Premium Invoice

Payroll Register

Signed Contract

Owner's Tax Return

Afford better coverage, help employees stay healthy on the job and attract and retain top talent.  

Our Affordable Premium Program allows small businesses who qualify the opportunity to offer an attractive employee benefit package that would otherwise not be possible or available to them as a small group.  


Through our new Premium Program model, TexHealth reimburses one-third of the employee premium up to $120 per month.  After the employer contribution, this can amount to a significant savings to the employee of 50% or more. Click here to see how the Premium Program is applied.  


Employers can choose from any group plan option and/or carrier they wish, or they can also shop on the Exchange for a plan that fits their needs.  Some small businesses may also be eligibile for more savings through a tax credit available only through SHOP.  See below for a detailed overview of our Affordable Premium Program.

Making Coverage Affordable

Downloads (print, complete and return) 

Jim Rodriguez, President & CEO


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