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Open Enrollment in the Marketplace Exchange

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TexHealth Central Texas is certified to help both Individuals and Small Businesses in the State of Texas enroll for health coverage through the federally run Marketplace Exchange and Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP).




About the Marketplace Exchange and SHOP


In response to healthcare reform, the Marketplace Exchange and SHOP (commonly referred to as just The Exchange) is a federally regulated on-line health insurance marketplace where both businesses and individuals can buy standardized health insurance plans from competing carriers.


What are the Benefits of Going thru the Exchange?


Individuals can no longer be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions (either on or off the exchange) and they may also, depending on income, qualify for a subsidy (discounted premium) available only through the Exchange.


Small Businesses with 50 or less full-time employees are eligible to purchase benefits for their employees through SHOP.  SHOP affords them a wider range of attractive benefits typically only offered to larger groups in the past, helping them to compete with larger corporations for talent through more affordable, attractive benefits.  Note small businesses may also want to inquire about our Premium Assistance program in which they may also be eligible for, depending on geographical location.  


What Kind of Coverage is Available in the Exchange?


There are several plans that contain all the qualifying essential benefits of the ACA and range in coverage from 60/40 to 90/10.  For example, the 90/10 plan would have the least out-of-pocket expenses, but cost you the most in premium.  


Be Sure to Visit our Exchange Links to the Right!


For your convenience, we have provided some useful and educational links to the right which allow you to review plan summaries, determine your eligibility for a premium discount through the Exchange, and learn more about healthcare reform and the ACA.  

Exchange Links (Businesses)

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2015-2016 Enrollment

November 1, 2015 to January 31, 2016