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Cut employee premiums by half, and in most instances even more, by qualifying for our

Affordable Premium Program.  Our model makes it possible for small businesses that were previously covered by our health plan and other small businesses who have been unable to afford coverage for their employees, to get quality healthcare benefits for their employees at an affordable price.  


Choose the plan that best fits your company's needs. Employers who qualify for the subsidy can choose from any group plan option and/or carrier they wish, or they can also shop on the Exchange for a plan that fits their needs.

Our Affordable Premium Program

Helps Keep Your Employees Covered

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We have always been on a mission...


To provide access to affordable healthcare coverage and improved health outcomes

for small employers and their employees within Texas.  

More About TexHealth Central Texas

TexHealth Central Texas is a community-based nonprofit organization and licensed Health Insurance Agency located in Austin, Texas.  We have always been dedicated to making it possible for small businesses in central Texas to afford health benefits for their employees by certified health professionals. While our mission serves small businesses and their employees, it has ultimately helped with improved health outcomes for the employees, which has been one of our ultimate goals.  To further help us accomplish our mission, our affiliates are fully licensed to offer health insurance plans from the open market, as well as the Marketplace Exchange, to Businesses,  Individuals and their Families.

What's New at TexHealth?

Affordable Premium Program.  Similiar to the 3-Share Plan as the prior TexHealth coverage model where the premium is split between the employer, employee, and TexHealth...  learn more  


On and Off Exchange Group Health Plans.  Our affiliates who are fully licensed insurance agents, of which many are also certified to assist in the Exchanges, can help you shop and compare plans (both on and off the exchange) that fit your company's needs.  They can also help you determine your eligibility for a tax credit available only through the Exchange that could reduce your premium by as much as 50%...  learn more 


Individual & Family Health Plans.  Our affiliates can help individuals and families with enrollment and determining their eligibility for a subsidy in the Exchange.  If they don't qualify for a subsidy, we can also help determine which carriers have the most competitive open market plans for their particular needs...learn more 


We Make Coverage Affordable

With TexHealth there is no need to remain unisured any longer.

Making Coverage Affordable

thru our affiliates

thru our affiliates

thru our affiliates